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Thursday, July 02, 2009

New Beginnings

So for months now, I've been promising "exciting news." And, sadly, in preparation for this new beginning, this blog has suffered.

But after months of anticipation, I'm proud to present my official website,

The Official Eric Jost website (how pretentious sounding) is pretty much going to be a resource for all of my writing -- rather than having it sprawling throughout the internet.

It will also be the location of my new blog. Although it will be a different entity than "Confessions of Gay Male Feminist" -- hopefully allowing my a space to do more varied writings/postings -- I am not throwing my identity as a gay, male feminist to the wayside, and it will still pervade all of my writing in one way or another. I will also keep this blog active as an archive for all of my past writings.

So thank you for sticking with me throughout the past three years (almost to the day), and I hope you will come with me on new adventures.

Peace and Love,
Eric Jost


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