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Friday, July 06, 2007

Live Earth

Tomorrow, 7.7.07, is Live Earth. I'm not quite sure how much coverage the event has been getting around the world, but it is a very big deal here in Sydney and I will be lucky enough to be among the 40,000 Australian attendants at the Sydney concert.

For those of you unfamiliar with the event, Live Earth is a series of concerts happening simultaneously around the world. Organised by Al Gore and his colleagues, the purpose of the concerts are to raise awareness about the climate crisis. The Live Earth concert series is only the beginning, however, and over the next few years, a multi-dimensional advertising campaign will be unveiled to promote individual conservation and prompt legislators into action.

The concerts are being held in New York, London, Sydney, Tokyo, Hamburg, Shanghai, Rio de Janeiro, and Johannesburg. Each concert with feature artists from the hosting country, as well as international acts that include Kanye West (New York), Madonna (London), Jack Johnson (Sydney), Rihanna (Tokyo), Shakira (Hamburg), Sarah Brightman (Shanghai), Lenny Kravitz (Rio de Janeiro), and Joss Stone (Johannesburg).

The concerts will be simulcast on television (check local listings), over satellite radio (both XM and Sirius), and online ( Limited tickets are still available, however, on the official Live Earth website and on eBay.

To learn more about the project and how you can help fight climate change, visit

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At 12:55 PM, Blogger eredux said...

Check out this US Carbon Footprint Map, an interactive United States Carbon Footprint Map, illustrating Greenest States. This site has all sorts of stats on individual State energy consumptions, demographics and State energy offices.

At 11:27 AM, Anonymous jenn said...

After Congress turned down the DC Live Earth concert a couple months ago, they managed to get it approved with some changes. So now DC is having a rockin' entirely country lineup for Live Earth. :P


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